We live in a fast paced society that has a tendency to dominate our lives. I want to be the influential quietness achiever. I want to change the way you feel about your body. I want you to move without pain or tension and with ease and fluidity: To become confident and full of vitality. To create a place within yourself so you can be and do what you wish.

For years, my focus with massage has been to make YOU a priority. I want to help rejuvenate your body, restore your natural balance, and return and enhance your essential energy.

I draw inspiration from my personal experiences. As a professional open water marathon swimmer, I have developed a heightened awareness of my body’s capabilities, inner resources, and needs. I have pushed my body to physical extremes, including swims that lasted up to 11 hours. The body is incredibly strong and powerful and graceful. I am sensitive to and aware of your connectedness with life. I help with Balance- supporting your movement, efficiency, and power.

I work to integrate my knowledge of the multi-layered human body to understand the individual body. In addition, I want share information about what I learn from your body, so you too can be your own healer.

Allow me to devote my time to you, to create a rhythm for change specifically for you.

I invite you to be well.